Atriark Pool Mining

Efficient Decentralized Mining Pools for Digital Asset Smart Contracts

Atriark Redefine Pool Mining

The Bitcoin mining pool created by the Atriark shares a hashing power according to the number of shares after splitting the reward. The shares are contributed by the solving block. The “share” belongs to the platform but the profit earned through them is distributed between the user according to the plan. The Bitcoin mining was started when everything over the platform was complicated and difficult and to increase the profit was taking a long process especially for the miners who are slow in generating the block.


The platform is free of centralised operators; those who control the pool.


The platform is free from any type of cyber cheaters, malicious attacks like DDoS attacks.

Efficient & Scalable

More efficient in comparison to the centralised pools. More effective in handling thousands of miners.

Open Source - Non-Profit

The source code is open for all the community as it is built and run by the community.

Segregated Witness

Atriark uses segwit, after the activation the user can mine and relay on the segwit-style block.


Without any extra charges and redistributes, the triple mining brought medium-sized tools together.

How Pool Mining Works

A decentralised mining pool protocol is built by the smart contracts that are known as Atriark. The Atriark solution has removed the centralised pool operator by the network participants who operate the bitcoin network. The platform includes novel data structures and design choices which make the protocol secure and efficient.

More precisely, we include a mechanism which tracks the records and verify the miners, who all are contributed to the pool without any centralised operators. The verification process of Atriark has drastically reduced the operation cost and the messages by the miners on the pool. Also, it utilises the novel data structure, i.e known as Augmented Merkle tree. It can be defined as Atriark’s batched share submission and efficient payment scheme remove any incentive for submitting invalid batches.