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Crypto Capital Portfolio Management System

Atriark PMS Capital

What Is PMS Capital?

The trading platform involves investors, brokers and managers. It includes the connection with the broker, connection with the Manager and the coins.

Recently, Atriark has evolved the platform and has given more option like PMS and Margin trading. Sooner, the platform is going to launch the DEX version. The technology is permeated with all expertise and knowledge of the team. The software is developed by the experienced members of the company such that it encapsulates the complete solution in one platform. It is so versatile that it can fit all the development in the strategies and the growth on the fund. The solution architects well- knows what’s needed and what will fit. That’s why the software is user-friendly and flexible that it can respond as per the need of the manager.


Atriark PMS Capital is a program which manages a crypto asset. It provides comprehensive coverage of the digital assets in a platform. Also, it enables the system to convert into smart and innovative decisions. Such as crypto investment mix with the appropriate objectives and investment allocation for the institution as well as the individual.

In addition to that, the Atriark PMS capital gives the facility of risk balancing such that the maximum profit can be utilised against crypto market performance. The main aim of the PMS capital is to determine the strength, opportunities, threats and weaknesses which comes in between the growth of the investing and crypto trading. The system gathers the solution from the experts in portfolio management who are capable enough. They combine the full suite modules in an efficient way of investing and crypto funds allocation in the competitive markets.


Atriark platform provides a set of unique user benefits while investment. It includes:

  • A portal which holds all your digital asset to ease the investor in a centralised way.
  • A portal which avails a detailed analysis such that the trader or investor knows very well about the risks and the benefits on the trading pairs either it is crypto or fiat.
  • The platform including risk management and the compliance holds the assessments of all assets in a given portfolio.
  • Apart from all, there is an option that the investor can take the detailed report to check the crypto portfolio potential risks and to take preventive measures.

Advantages of PMS Capital

There are various types of benefits which PMS capital provides, these are as follows:

  • Up-to-date information on the crypto market along with the integrated compare option on real-time.
  • It also provides a customizable risk management system to the traders with results and analysis to harness the level of performance.
  • The simple user interface provides easy and quick management for the crypto investing risk. It’s possible because of the customer-centric approach.
  • PMS gives higher flexibility and offers superlative returns as compared to the other alternatives of investment which gives the assurance of higher profit on the same assets.

PMS Capital

How does PMS capital work?

Each PMS account has a different and unique valuation and portfolio which differs it from the other. It also carries a model portfolio and the trading done by any user are done by portfolio management services which are according to the model portfolio. There is nothing like NAV(Net Asset value) in the scheme. Although, the user receives the valuation of the portfolio on a daily basis from the PMS provider.

Every portfolio differs from the investor to investor, how?

  • The entrance timing of each investor is different.
  • There is a difference in the trading amount of every user.
  • And, every customer has done the additional/redemption purchase.
  • In case, any model portfolio has traded in one quantity then the current view seen by the fund manager is “Hold”( not “Buy”) on that particular quantity. Besides this, the other customer is also unable to see that one. It is because of the Market Scenario.

During the scheme, the interaction of the fund manager also takes place. Since the frequency is dependent on the Portfolio Management Services and the size of the client portfolio. Results into the larger interaction frequency and larger portfolio. Usually, the PMS arrange the interaction of fund manager on the half-yearly or quarterly basis.

Generally, the people relate the digital asset to the Bitcoin and take it as a base asset. However, from a couple of years Atriark has accessed almost 1000 coins and out of which there are some coins which have shown a tremendous growth by the rate of 3000% and above.

Atriark builds the personal portfolio by spreading the investment over a large group of coins to maximise the potential profit.

Our Principles

Blockchain technology has the power to translate transparency, innovation and precision into profit.
More so, regardless of one specific digital asset, blockchain is a revolutionary technology,
already implemented in many field outside of finance.

Smart Contracts

A smart contract can facilitate, execute, and enforce an agreement between multiple parties.

Minimize your Exposure

The crypto world is still very young and disorganized. To build a diversified portfolio.

Strategic Diversification

Bitcoin is currently the clear leader in the crypto-economy since it’s launch in 2008 .

Account Types

Choose your plan.
Atriark offers a few account types according to investor’s goals
and limits. Each account has distinguished features, contact your account manager for more information.



  • Dashboard Access
  • Weekly Market Review
  • Bitcoin Holdings
  • Altcoin Holdings
  • **Refundable after 1 week
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  • Dashboard Access
  • Weekly Market Review
  • Bitcoin Holdings
  • ICO
  • Seed investment Blockchain Corporations
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  • Dashboard Access
  • Weekly Market Review
  • Bitcoin Holdings
  • Seed investment Blockchain corporations
  • Weekly Webinar
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* Introduction account is a requirement for all investors to start with.
** Upon the end of trial period, user can withdrawal the 0.03 BTC back or continue to a long term plan.

Our Performance

201838.8%12.3%15.4 %17.2%25.7%-------

1. This is an actual performance record, net of all commissions.
2. This is a composite performance for all accounts traded, performance may vary depending on a number of factors including account size.
3. Performance must be read in conjunction with the disclaimer available below.

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