How Atriark mine Cryptocurrency using an EC2 instance cloud Servers

The Internet is full of buzzing topic related to the cryptos and its mining. The experiences are far greater than thought especially in the countries like the US, so there’s no surprise that at present there are hundreds of ventures available which work on crypto mining. Atriark is one such project which works on cloud mining and that can help its user to make a huge revenue and that too in a short interval of time.

Here, I am giving you a short brief on what is exactly Atriark Cloud Mining.

In its own words, Atriark is an automatic platform which is safe and secure for mining plus it helps the user to invest their money. You may find this a bit different from others but the biggest advantage is it lowers the risk of downfall as many experts are behind the servers who help the investor to make the profit.

Atriark is an international cryptocurrency mining datacentres and it creates the server for mining the crypto-currency and to make or share the benefit with the investors. Atriark has more than 150 plus datacentres across three continents. Atriark is one of the fastest growing platforms in the global market.

Company’s Vision
Though Atriark is growing faster despite that, it wants to be the world’s leading platform which fulfills the specifications like integrity, excellence in its data-centers. It can be done by applying the astute and a sound business acumen.

It wants to build a reputation in the hearts of its user by developing the community hub and by sharing the resource, information and simultaneously which can provide security, liquidity in the transactions. It is developing a hub which is secure for traders, developers and enthusiasts.

Atriark is under the guidance of several leading companies and venture capitalists which give the capital base so that the company can expand, develop and earn high profits. These companies have given a strong base to the Atriark on which basis it has grown over 150 million.

How Atriark works?

Digital Workspace brings flexibility in the transactions, more channels for communication and greater accountability. Anyone from anywhere can log on to the platform and trade the currency. Through this, the user can engage with others at their leisure. In addition, it records the digital interactions such that progress can be tracked. Through this medium, Atriark encourages the user to participate in it.

Networking Services: All the network transactions which happen in a cryptocurrency are transparent and are shared as a public database i.e Blockchain. Although, to compare the different technological utility over crypto networks is quite a complex task. These networks are basically open source software, so the one method to calculate the gauge utility is by measuring the development activity on Github repositories. The three broad factors determine the value of the network i.e Scalability, Flexibility and security.

Cloud and Data Center: All the data related to exchange is saved on the hosted private cloud this gives the leverage to take out any type of information related to the funds, transactions, trade, exchange, security layers, and many more. There are servers and storage management which make the operations hassle-free.

Security: Atriark has a modern data center which operates through the center plus it has a security management which takes care of all the stuff related to the transactions and ensures the user has not to face any kind of loss.

Infrastructure Management: Atriark has a set of services for systems and operations management that allows its cloud datacenter to control its infrastructure resources with proper governance and compliance. Atriark uses cloud Systems Manager to quickly view and monitor all the cloud mining datacenter resources and automate common operational tasks, such as patching or state management.

Atriark cloud mining follow several methods to help configure and manage mining infrastructure deployed on the cloud mining datacenters. These methods range from Atriark managed configuration management services to third-party Atriark Partner Network (APN) products, however, it is not always easy to decide between the potential options. This document provides best practices and guidance to consider when choosing configuration management solutions for managing changes to Atriark cloud mining resources, Atriark Elastic Compute Cloud (Atriark EC2) instance operating systems, application stacks, or other infrastructure.

The following sections assume a basic knowledge of ACM resource management, Atriark EC2 servers, and cloud mining operating system (OS) administration, management, and configuration through artificial management tools, which developed by Atriark development team.


How does the Blockchain technology work?

When one user sends the money to the second user. The whole transaction is broadcasted to every party present on the network. This transaction gets confirmed with every party. This type of group transaction is termed as a block. This block is further add on to the chain. The chains are a transparent record and indelible transactions. Then only the money gets transferred to the other user.

It has been a long time that we were using the same technology so far. GPU mining has become an older version now to earn more people are switching it and moving towards CPU mining. Mining done from CPU does not need any specialised hardware. Especially, this is beneficial for the people who want to start mining and to enter in this cryptocurrency world. In addition, this gives the invaluable experience and fun to mine.

Although, GPU mining is much more powerful and flexible than CPU mining. Usually, GPU is used for the smoothness in the 3D animation and video makes it perfect for gaming computers. To mine the cryptocurrency you will need at least one GPU on the computers. GPU is used to drive the video cards installed and it provides the best hashing performance. In terms of money, electricity and hashing power, GPU is the best alternative to use.

Since, it is a suitable option for complex computation, easily sourced and upgradeable. However, to grow faster and to faster the process of hashes, you need the fastest hardware. So, to check this and to have a faster processor you need different CPUs but these CPUs have different mining speed. In cryptocurrency, the coins are based on the proof of work (at least till now). ASIC, GPU and CPU all three are the different ways of Bitcoin hardware. Each type has its own benefit and disadvantage. ASIC is the best one but is expensive which is not affordable for everyone. So, if you want your system has flexibility, low maintenance then GPU and CPU is the best way to go further.


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