With the rise of cryptocurrency, the gaming industry is also ready to ride the tide. Both, the gaming and cryptocurrency industry are growing at an incredible rate and it’s logical for both the industries to finally join hands in order to grow even more.

Secure In-Game Payments

With the integration of cryptocurrency, the in-game payments will take a turn towards a lot more secure and unfailing direction. A lot of improvements can be made in the payment methods making the transactions faster by many folds and restrictions can be lifted in many forms which can give the game developers various new opportunities, thus increasing the gaming experience.


Blockchain and Gaming

A lot of game developers are appealed to the new blockchain technology. This is due to the fact that blockchain allows developers to make purchases more secure and faster than ever before. Blockchain also opens the doors to accept the in-game payments globally using cryptocurrency.


A lot of blockchain-based companies are working towards providing developers with platforms to make the tokenized ecosystem and games on a blockchain platform. CryptoZombies is a good example of such a platform.


Microtransactions using cryptocurrency

A lot of companies are changing their gaming models by earning through microtransactions (in-game purchases) by providing free-to-play games. It has turned into a million-dollar industry. Most of the companies are adopting this new model and it is apt for using cryptocurrency.

Blockchain-based games like CryptoKitties and Crypto Heroes generated 500 million. Even Twitch and Steam incorporated cryptocurrency last year but unfortunately, was removed due to certain inadequacies.

Opportunities for gamers

Crypto not only brings opportunities to developers but also to gamers. With the incorporation of cryptocurrencies, gamers can use their gaming assets to make money. They can also make in-game exchanges sans restrictions.


The uses of blockchain and cryptocurrency are limitless. One can do wonders with the right use of these technologies. The gaming industry is one that is sure to never die, and along with the blockchain community, we’ve got a million-dollar industry booming right in front of us.

This teaches us that it’s best to hit the iron when its hot, just like the blockchain technology is today. Invest smart, invest right.

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