Our Competitive Feature’s to Grow Atriark in Market

Our Facilities built for uncompromising security and performance for our all platform.

Our features As Cloud Mining and Data security standards

High Security

Atriark facilities are built in secure structures. Multiple layers of security. Our data centres have no exterior.

Cloud Safe-Zones

Our cloud zones ensure top performance in redial cluster management, enforce security.

Carrier-neutral Network

Atriark facilities utilize multiple carrier-neutral, high-speed internet feeds, ensuring reasonably priced bandwidth.

Critical Protection

We ensure our cloud servers can stand up to hackers, disasters and strict compliance pressures with Atriark.

Vulnerability Scans

Atriark internal networks and systems and external-facing devices should be scanned periodically to help maintain.

Backup as a Service

Atriark BaaS is a complete backup and recovery solution designed to protect Atriark Cloud Mining platform.

Atriark actionable features for Digital Asset Exchange Platform.

Atriark Inc. helps everyone for Digital currency trading made easy. Everything you could ever want to power your trading experience. Tap into the global digital currency economy from a single account and trade hundreds of currencies from the palm of your hand easily safe and secure.

Hardware Security Modules

A hardware security module (HSM) is a physical computing device that safeguards and manages cryptographic keys, and provides secure execution of critical code.

Hot Wallet & Cold Wallet

Atriark exchanges keep the vast majority (97%+) of their assets in cold storage. The keys are totally offline, out of reach of hackers. This is the best protection you can have.

Self-design Data Encryptions Modules

Atriark use Data encryption to keep all the crypto wallets safe and secure. Even Atriark can easily set this up on a Linux based system.

Malicious Browsers Codes Protection

Hackers have written malicious codes designed to modify java scripts, thus aiding phishing and information intercept. But Atriark Exchange easily solve it.


As everyone knows digital asset exchanges are platforms that allow users to trade coins. Until very recently, and the development of pure centralized exchanges, all digital asset exchanges were acting as the middleman between the token buyer and seller.

So here Atriark making sure every user for its Atriark Digital Asset Exchange Platform are secure are essential to provide data and asset security to users. Let’s see why.

  • Reliability level – high.
  • Daily trading volume – approximately $1.5 million.
  • Indented commission (one transaction) - 0.1%.
  • Output – no more than 100 BTC per 24 hours.
  • Replenishment – digital asset wallet.
  • The number of trading pairs exceeds 200.
  • Replenishment – digital asset wallet, PayPal Transfer, Stripe wallets
  • Strong transaction malleability

REMME Protections

Atriark uses to all their customers for password less authentication approach through REMME Protection services.

VPN Technology

Atriark uses establish a safe and encrypted connection over a susceptible network to secure.

Multi-Layer Firewall

Atriark magically establishes a filter between trusted and untrusted access.

Multi-Layer Firewall

Atriark magically establishes a filter between trusted and untrusted access.

Secure Network

Atriark Internet overlay network infrastructure spawns layers of network abstraction.

Distributed Denial of Service

Atriark already secure Public access secured for DDOS attacks for it.