Crypto backed trading platform

Atriark on the race to become a leader in fin-tech space with the Launch of Crypto Backed Trading Platform

Atriark has declared that its new crypto trading arm is going to launch i.e termed as crypto backed trading platform that handles the custody of digital assets and its trading. This new auxiliary is one of a kind in the traditional crypto asset management firms which offers both the trade execution and the asset custody by institutional investors.

The crypto backed platform allows the users to trade across multiple exchanges that obey the standards set by the market. The platform uses the smart order routing and internal crossing engine but just merely reveals the exchange that abolishes the approval.

The on-boarding procedures of the counterparties relate the thorough analysis of an exchange regulatory procedures and the financial strength along with other analysis. We certainly involve to those whom we feel is good enough to connect as stated by Sanaa Yakine Co-Founder of Atriark.

In addition, the new crypto platform of the company offers the offline mode to the customers who involve in executing trade such as vaulted cold storage custody solution. So when the Atriark established the crypto backed platform, evolved the best method which lures the investors and makes them enter into the crypto-based market.

There were two main factors i.e. traditional method and a strong custody solution which made the investors hesitant to invest in crypto’s. Hence, we took those things and made them transform in a good way and collaborated it with our platform, Mofidi explained.

Also, the current status of the company is constantly increasing and so the users.

Daniel Traksbetrygier, Founder of Atriark remained on his statement of forming a firm that veil all the hassles and form a new and advanced platform which will be fruitful for Atriark customers. Before this year end, there are many other things which are planned to bring in front and to make a digitally native asset. For example, Bitcoin, which is accessible by everyone.

Although, there are many competitors who are waiting to attack the launch of the company’s crypto trading operation.

Earlier, there were rumors that Barclays will leave the trading desk but as the weeks go the rumors were transformed into that Goldman Sachs, a topmost Wall street investment company is ceasing the plans of launching crypto operation on their own. Although, then it turned out to be “fake”.

Despite, there are many other investment firms like Nasdaq, Citigroup, JPMorgan are said to be the company which are exploring the crypto currency products and preparing themselves to lure the investors.

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