Mission & Vision

Atriark becomes very difficult to mine in variability and the additional cost above that increases the challenges for the prediction of the cryptocurrency mining generation.

Atriark has put its best hand for the calculation of possible scenarios and the information relevant is included in the “Business Model” section. The most advanced equipment of mining like the prediction of the current rates like equipment, mining and electricity cost and bitcoin prices of USD 5000-30000 which can provide resources for bitcoin mining.

The first mining center of Atriark was introduced in the year 2015. The motive of the company has switched so far, in the beginning, it was clear to perform a successful mining platform but the company is exploring in another field as well.

As a ATRK token holder, the ATRK user can access the digital wallet and digital asset exchange by accessing through the wallet. Using this the user can purchase, sell and store the cryptocurrency and also receive the share of mining output.

ATRIARK DEVELOPMENT LIMITED operates on the Blockchain technology and smart contracts on the platform. The platform gathers the brokers, traders, investors and exchanges over a decentralised network. The open and fair network makes the financial system more global.

In this way, private investors get an open platform to showcase their abilities and attract investments from all over the world. Hence, the strategy gives them a quick and rapid scale in the market.

The advanced technology creates an autonomous and transparent system for its users for proper investment and profit distribution. Atriark gives the most imperative solutions of the redundant problems which arise commonly in the cryptocurrency market. For example, the limitedness because of insufficient data, doubts in the process and lack of transparency.

For the development of the platform, it is very crucial to raise the fund against it which will help the Atriark platform financially especially in terms of marketing, advertising. Atriark is the native currency of the platform which is used for all kind of operations or distributions related to investment and profit.