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Digital Asset Community Ecosystem

Atriark is a community based digital asset trading platform that avails benefits like security, reliability and safest ecosystem-based blockchain technology. The services of Atriark are not limited till here, it involves the digital asset banking, digital asset crypto backed loan, digital asset visa card services, digital asset exchange and digital asset banking. Addition of all these features makes the exchange of cryptocurrencies an hassle-free task. Bitcoin, Ethereum, ATRK can be traded in less than a minute on the community-driven digital asset marketplace. Recently, Atriark the cryptocurrency exchange has introduced the digital asset PMS capital platform. The advanced feature helps the customers and traders in providing a safe environment to gain profit along with AI-based platform.

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The Most Competitive Digital Asset Services

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The Most Complete Digital Asset Services

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

A hassle-free way by cutting the extra costs like electricity, equipment maintenance and failure probability.


Deduction of risk by calculating the capital gains from the invested money.

Margin Trading

Facilitates more stock for the buyer and a different medium of trading than any other means.

Online Wallet

A simplest and safest way of keeping the balances.

Secure Trading

High-class security to provide secure platform to the user.

Instant Exchange

A strict enforcement of Blockchain technology for strong and continuous exchange.

the roadmap

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  • Atriark DC Start-up

    16th, March 2015

    Atriark consist of an huge area of empty flat lands which are specifically designed to place the data centers and solar power stations which has the capability to earn profit. So that the software development company or IT firm can make a safe, secure and reliable hosting services.

  • 1st Bitcoin Mining Center

    04th, August 2016

    The founder of Atriark was an expert of Dell Technology and he initiated the idea of Atriark from London with his own data center which can provide safe and reliable hosting service to the customers. In the year 2016, the very first bitcoin mining setup was made by an experiment done in his datacenter lab.

  • 1st Investor Summit

    19th, Jan 2017

    So far Atriark has felt that it need more hands to empower its business to make it popular worldwide. Hence, it initiated its first summit program to setup S9 machine, EC2 instance servers for digital asset mining, of-course, to increase fund.

  • AI for Contract Mining

    20th, March 2017

    The platform has developed its very own AI implemented platform so that it can generate profit and deliver it to its customer. Also the platform lets its user to know about mining and every other thing related to the Atriark Cloud Mining Platform.

  • 10k User’s Achievement

    14th, Jun 2017

    In just four months of time the platform has achieved 10,000 Users. In addition to that it has hosted a grand event in Downtown, National City conference hall at USA involving the top business associates, top business achievers, and business investors.

  • Blockchain Development

    15th, March 2018

    In Hungry Atriark has launched the Cloud Mining farms which can serve as maintenance center and can minimise the machine handling cost. Also it has build the Blockchain development team of its own digital asset exchange and it possesses a currency in the market.

  • Exchange & Token Launch

    10th, Jan 2019

    In the coming month the Atriark development team is determined to figure out and reduce all the major errors existing in the closed exchanges & running exchanges of the market. To create a safe & secure exchange platform along with its own ATRK token to start race in crypto financial transaction model and maintain their investors and customers with them for long term business relationship.

  • ATRIARK DEX Launch

    20th, Aug 2019

    In the middle of year the Atriark will work towards making the platform Decentralised exchange from Centralised exchange. To be precise, revamp the decentralised platform in August 2019.


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